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Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support
In spite of the fact that you and I are planning to combine our complementary technology into what we believe is the "ultimate solution to back pain", I thought I would tell you of my journey to get to this point, even though it may sound self-serving.

As I told you many times in the past, I was unwilling to put the Back-A-Line logo on any magnetic product, or include a magnetic product on our web site because I felt that, if the reader thought that magnetic therapy was "voodoo", that same feeling would apply to our back support as well. However, at the same time, you made me a prototype of this combined product over six years ago, a product I have used ever since. In the beginning I wore it all the time and noticed a huge difference. Then I wore it only when I "remembered" to, probably because my back pain wasn't doing much "reminding". I was just about free of back pain. But, even then, when I would wake up with a stiff back - I am 68 - I would "remember", and, within ten minutes after putting it on, the stiffness was gone and I had no more effect the rest of the day.

The upshot was obvious. Both because today's web buyers are far more accepting of alternative therapies, AND because of my history, I decided to go "all in" on this product, which will have a prominent place on our web site.

Thanks for working with me all this time, in spite of my "magne-phobia". You were very patient and now we have the result of that collaboration.

FYI - MY somewhat ex-wife has always been negative to Back-A-Line and magnets because she (i) she is a chiropractor who believes that her therapy is all that's required and (ii) thought I was blowing Back-A-Line smoke, as nothing was really happening. Two nights ago, I could tell on the phone that she was in great back distress. (You know when someone tries to talk without breathing, because of the pain.) So I physically MADE her put on a flex-pad and told her to call me in the AM. She figured she was 70% better - overnight - and is now a believer.

Bill L., President Back-A-Line

Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support
I purchased a back-a-line almost a year ago. I must admit, I wore it only a few times, then only when riding my motorcycle. I suffer from degenerative disk and scoliosis resulting in almost constant pain, full disability and inability to perform simple tasks. I am blessed with a sister-in-law who, bless her heart, badgered me until I finally started wearing the belt more often. Recently, I needed to do some severe trimming to my hedges. I honestly did not see how I could possibly accomplish this task. But I put my back-a-line on and got the pruning shears out. I spent most of the afternoon bent over clipping, piling and loading clippings in my truck. The next day, absolutely no pain whatsoever! I was truly amazed! I have worn it from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed. I took two 200+ mile trips on my motorcycle and yet to have any back pain. You must realize this: I have had back pain since I was 18 years old. I will be 61 in September. Your product has helped me immensely.
William G

Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support
I bought one of your (FANTASTIC) belts 3 years ago when my L5-S1 disk ruptured. It was the best thing I ever bought. Havenít needed it in a long time. My back has started hurting again and the old belt is worn out, so Iím getting a new one. BTW, Iíve gotten some friends of mine to order belts from you and they love them, too. One dear lady avoided back surgery thanks to your belt.
Siri K, Mesa AZ

Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you about my recent success story with the Back-A-Line support. This past week-end I was moving a picnic table, and in doing so, experienced an excruciating pain in my low back. As there were no chiropractic friends of mine to be found, I hobbled to my office and managed to put on one of the Back-A-Line belts. There was an instantaneous decrease in pain, as well as an increase in stability. Even more amazing to me was the constant attention it brought to my posture. I have often spoken highly of the belt, but now I can honestly say that it works firsthand! Thanks for a great product.
Dr. Jon P, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Virginia Beach, VA

Elbow Support Wrap
We were looking for a replacement for one we had years ago. This was the closest we could get. It works great for my sons elbow which is sore during baseball. Thought it would be bulky but it was not and we are very pleased with the product. Shipping was also fast and price was right.

Elbow Support Wrap
I purchased this for my husband who's elbow had been hurting for quite a while. We have used magnetic products before and appreciate their benefits. He wore it for a couple of days, his elbow felt better and he quit wearing it. I asked him why he quit. He said it doesn't bend so it's uncomfortable to work in. So he only wears it when he isn't working. The main thing is it helped his elbow stop hurting. It's hard to tell from the picture but this is all one piece of spongy material, with velcro tightening bands. I have magnetic wrist wraps that I wear when my wrists hurt and they also are not as flexible as I would like. But they are very therapeutic and quickly help my carpal tunnel.

Knee Support
This is my 3rd brace, and they are amazing! I've been able to exercise without pain for months now, and am still avoiding surgery, knock on wood!

Eye Mask
I've had one of these masks for years and i love it. I get very severe sinus headaches esp. when the room gets too cold and since we like to sleep in a room below 60 degrees you can see the problem. As long as i have this mask on i never wake in the night in pain. It fits well and i have just purchased another because my husband stretched mine out and i will never be without one!

Eye Mask
I was skeptical, but trying everything else, why not this too. It took my frontal sinus headache and tension headache away within 10-15 minutes. I also use it for my neck. I have to get a second one to have at work. If you place the magnets under your neck (those spots on the sides of the cervical spine), it relieves tension there too, better than the shoulder wrap.
Psychologist, Fl

Eye Mask
Was very Surprised at the way this product worked. Although I bought it thinking I was taking a chance I really think it has helped my chronic sinus infections some... It has definitely removed the puffiness from under my eyes (on the first nite!). I woke up that first morning amazed at how differently my eyes looked.. I don't know if it will meet your needs, but so far it is helping mine some.

"First of all I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your magnetic products. I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada (have been in practice for 28 years now). I use a variety of techniques and tools in my work. I have been using your magnetic wraps on my clients during a therapy session and have been so impressed by the swiftness of their effects. They have truly enhanced my treatments!"
Pauli Schell, RMT

"Hi- I have been wearing the magnet all day today and wow what a difference it is making. My back is not hurting! Thank you so much for sending it to me and getting me out of so much pain. I will keep you informed."

"I received the new brace and LOVE it. I used it for Hunting the last two weeks. The support and comfort was just what I needed. It works super! Once again Thanks for a great product! I pass your name on to people every chance I get, and tell them trying is believing!"

"Thanks and have great day!"
Mike F.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been wearing the left hand wrist splint with additional magnet on my right hand. It has been the best solution to my problem. I took the splint out because it is better without it. The built in magnet just comes up to my target area and the additional magnet completes targeting the needed area. My hand can be hurting. I then put the brace on and within a few minutes, the pain fades away. I really appreciate your help. Please feel free to use my name and testimony in recommendations of your Trioxon products."
Robert M. Schwartz
Houston, TX

"When I first tried the magnets I was as skeptical as the next guy but I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot - after all where was the downside, worst case it just didn't work. After using the magnets now for several years for back and neck pain I'm a convert. Whatever the science behind it the magnets make me feel better. Some would say it all in my head - my response: so what. If I think I feel better and I actually feel better I don't care if it's my mind playing tricks or some miracle cure at work. I'm using the magnets for comfort not for cure - of course if cure is a side effect all the better. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Bioflex magnets for pain and discomfort - it's worth a shot and there's nothing to lose."

"I am an active seventy-two year old congenital armless Afro-American with twenty years type 2 diabetes and a fifty-year history of hypotension. For forty-four years, I drove up to 650 miles per week, getting in and out of my car an average of 35 times a day. I began having back problems in 1989, which caused me to retire in 1998. In 2002 it became very painful to stand or walk, and in 2004 both hip joints became painful."  more...
Al M.
Durham, NC

"I have been using BIOflex® magnets on my patients for the last five years. I have been impressed with their high level of pain relief from many conditions including tennis elbow, chronic lower back pain, jumper's knee, severe ankle sprains, hamstring pulls and inflammation of the arm and shoulder. I would recommend these devices for all the above mentioned conditions, as well as any other similar conditions in which wear and tear, inflammation or chronic incapacity occur."
Dr. Charles W. Kennedy Jr. M.D.
Managing Partner, Orthopedic Associates of Corpus Christi
Past President, Texas Orthopedic Association
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

"It is my pleasure to let you know that I've been using the BIOflex® pads for three years and have had great results. They are easy to use and accelerate my healing time. I believe that it is a wonderful product, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody."
Abdi Bile
1987 World Track & Field Champion 1500 meters

"I am a Major League Baseball Umpire, and therefore use my legs and back extensively to perform my duties, especially when umpiring behind the plate. I believe your back and knee braces, as well as the inner soles, have provided me with pain relief from the pain I had been experiencing. I personally would not work without them."
Dave Phillips
American League Umpire

"After using BIOflex® products for about a month with great results, I was ready to test the products with employees and select members. From the BIOflex® literature, it's estimated that the "success rate" for magnetic therapy is about 80%. However, at my club, the success rate is a resounding 100% (ten employees and eight members)! In fact, one member who found a competitor's product ineffective got great results from a BIOflex® mini in just one day!"
Don Lee
Gold's Gym

"I have been disabled for over four years with 6 herniated disc's according to my last MRI, four years ago. I now believe that I have more. Prior to purchasing your belt, I had worn one that was the same exact size without magnets. After putting your belt on, I noticed dramatic results in just one day. This thing is just incredible!"
Frank Lamica
Watertown, NY

"I have just reordered another pair of the shoe inserts from you and wanted to write to you to let you know how much relief the shoe inserts have given me. I discovered your product when our newspaper (The Macon Telegraft) ran a story about how many people had found relief from using the magnets. I figured I would try a pair. I had already spent over $4000 on one foot so I really had nothing to lose but $39.00. I want you to know the difference since I have been using the shoe inserts. My feet no longer hurt or swell and my bone burrs on my heels are gone. I have told everyone about your product. Thanks for a great product. I'm sure I will be using them for years to come."
Brenda Gregorius
Warner Robins, GA

"I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff problem in my right shoulder in 2002. My orthopedist recommended that I have surgery to get me out of pain and to increase my mobility. I was unable to raise my right arm about my shoulder. I was also unable to put my arm behind my back. In addition I could not sleep on that side without pain. I tried your magnet and at first it didn't seem to help. However, after about one week I started to feel the pain disappearing as well as an increase of mobility in the shoulder. Today, I'm pain free with full mobility. It is now 3Ĺ years. Thank you for your help and I trust that other people are benefiting from your wonderful products."
David Kornbluth, DMD
Aventura, FL

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return your purchase within 90 days for a refund.

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