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Home » Our Products » Braces and Supports » Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support

Back-A-Line Heavy-Duty Back Support

The Heavy-Duty Model reduces your lower back pain with snug-fitting back support, and an additional Velcro strap that ensures firm lumbar support, even in strenuous work or play. Breathable, washable fabric. Sweat resistant wick-away lining.

The Back-A-Line Dynamic Back Support has been PROVEN TO WORK to improve back health and safety, to lessen back pain, and to lower back related injuries:
Two peer-reviewed university studies confirm our patented “curved and firm” lumbar support works. 40 independent evaluations, including the US Army, 1,500 people... The vast majority enjoyed significant reduction in back pain and fatigue. Significant reduction in back injuries.

Why does it work?
A Harvard medical study showed that a “curved and firm” surface when pressed against the back created proprioceptive feedback. A Miami (OH) study of Back-A-Line credited the successful results to proprioceptive feedback. The Back-A-Line support corrects posture, minimizes postural transitions, and activates abdominal muscles to rigidify trunk. The Back-A-Line patented “curved and firm” lumbar pad and our in-elastic design creates dynamic (proprioceptive) feedback that promotes improved posture, strengthens the back, reduces back pain and fatigue, lessens chance of back injury.

Price: $89.95
Select Option

COLOR: Black

SIZES: Small fits waist sizes 27''-31'',
Medium fits waist sizes 32''-35'',
Large fits waist sizes 36''-40'',
X-Large fits waist sizes 41''-44'',
XX-Large fits waist sizes 45''-48''

NOTE: Size is in pant waist size.

Two large concentric magnetic fields. 500 gauss.

From the Experts

Sports Medicine – In evaluating the product, Back-A-Line was reviewed by a panel of expert physicians. Some of their comments:

''The rigid, firm lumbar support is ideal, and I like the idea that there is less elasticity in the product as opposed to the current ones on the market. I believe that this belt is the best one that I have evaluated to date.''

''The product does do what it is advertised to do. If this product is used properly and at the proper time it can be very beneficial to the user. In fact as it creates or suggests better postural alignment it should call into play balanced muscle activity to activate and restore proper muscle function and thus continue to enhance strength and endurance.''

Ergonomic - A former Ergonomist of the Year, a consistent critic of industrial back belts, writes:

''Your concept of a stiffer form-fitted back belt is appealing, and is much more consistent with my own thinking than many of the soft pliable belts.''

Chiropractic - International lecturer, Inventor of the “Back Companion” and other health related products, Dr. Guy Doran writes:

''This is the first belt I have seen that provides abdominal and postural support at the same time.Some of my post surgical patients won’t go anywhere without it. The stiff, rounded quality of your lumbar pad maintains the proper lordotic alignment [spinal curve]to protect the lower spine. Promoting good posture alone should be a major contributor to back pain reduction, but the pressure of your pad against the back muscles seems to provide a further alleviating effect. I highly recommend this belt to my patients. I wish you the best. You deserve it for this product.''

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